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Hello, and thank you for your interest in Shoebox Letters.

As a concept that was born years ago, but also one that I thought would only be a side-project to other items on which I wanted to work, I didn't foresee Shoebox Letters coming to life so quickly. But I'm certainly glad that it has.

My intent with the first book, Daughters to Dads, was to make sure that dads and daughters everywhere had a chance to connect, or reconnect, by thumbing through thoughtful letters written from many different daughters to their own dads. Of course very personal to me too, this book touches on the incredible dad/daughter relationship from the viewpoint of the daughter, a viewpoint that goes unnoticed too often. More books like it are waiting in the wings, and I hope at some point you'll give some thought as to whether you'll submit a letter for a future book. But as new books emerge, the same foundation will always be used to build each one - you will always find real letters to real people, building real relationships.


Why write Shoebox Letters? Because of these two.